2016 Discount Health Care Programs Survey Results

A first-of-its-kind national survey that reveals credible data to support the discount health care industry. Purchase the complete data results here for $500.

Despite nearly three decades of ongoing growth, the discount health care industry has an extreme shortage of credible data that presents the value that discount health care programs bring to customers.

The Consumer Health Alliance’s first-of-its-kind survey provides companies offering discount health care programs with substantial and compelling data that can significantly support sales and marketing efforts.

The national survey – which focuses on discount dental and discount vision programs, as well as dental insurance and vision insurance – was gathered in partnership with research and health care consulting firm Leavitt Partners.

Among the data and findings:

Demographics of discount program members.

Sources of discount program membership.

Average amount members save with a discount program.

Typical length of discount program membership and frequency of use.

Perceived value and satisfaction of discount program memberships.

Annual fees paid for a discount program membership and insurance.

Common reasons for not visiting dental care or vision providers more often.

Average price for procedures paid by patients with no coverage, insurance or a discount program.

How often providers recommend discount programs to patients with no coverage.

To conduct the 2016 Discount Health Programs Survey, Leavitt Partners screened a nationally representative panel of 18,489 consumers for membership in a discount dental or vision program—of which 1,109 qualifying consumers were surveyed online. In addition, a nationally representative panel of 525 dental and vision providers participating in a discount provider network was assembled and then surveyed by a contracted call center.

The complete raw data is available to purchase for $500. To purchase and download the full data report, please click the button below.

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