Why Choose a Discount Healthcare Program?

Discount healthcare programs are NOT insurance.

Discount healthcare programs enable consumers to purchase healthcare products and services from providers at discounted prices.

Many consumers choose a discount healthcare program to complement their health insurance plans by providing discounts on services, such as chiropractic, dental and vision care that are often not covered under insurance plans.

Discount healthcare programs have gained popularity because they provide consumers with low-cost access to the healthcare they need and the opportunity for savings that greatly exceed the cost of the program – all with the flexibility of monthly membership.

In addition, membership in discount healthcare programs typically includes the member's entire household.

Health Care Costs
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How You Benefit with a Discount Healthcare Program

Discount healthcare programs were created to help consumers burdened by the increasing cost of healthcare by providing opportunities to directly purchase healthcare services and products at discounted rates.
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Discount Healthcare Programs Offer:

  • Access
    Everyone can use discount programs to receive access to substantial savings on healthcare services – such as prescription drugs, eyeglasses and dental care – that they might otherwise not be able to afford.
  • Savings
    Whether you are someone without insurance, with limited insurance, or even with full health insurance that does not cover all healthcare services, you can save money on your additional healthcare needs with a discount program.
  • Affordability
    While the cost of healthcare has risen rapidly in recent years, discount healthcare programs have kept their monthly charges virtually unchanged.
  • Convenience
    Some of the nation's largest healthcare retailers, including national pharmacy and optical chains, participate in discount programs. Many companies offer discount programs that include discounted services offered by:
• Pearle
• LensCrafters
• Medicine Shoppe
• Safeway
• Wal-Mart
• Target
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9 Tips for Shopping for a Discount Healthcare Program

  1. Shop around. Every program is different. Find the program that offers the benefits and services that best suit your needs at a reasonable price.
  2. Make sure the discount program has clear and understandable disclosure materials that specifically define the terms and conditions of the program.
  3. Look for programs that provide toll free numbers and/or websites where you can obtain additional information about the program's' benefits and the healthcare providers who are participating in them.
  4. Read the program's complaint and refund policies carefully to determine if they are reasonable. The company should offer a 30-day refund policy for your membership fee.
  5. Make sure the program's materials clearly state that the discount program is not insurance.
  6. Be sure the program's benefits do not duplicate your current healthcare insurance policy or other health benefits offered by your employer.
  7. Be wary of any program that requires large up-front fees.
  8. Read all materials carefully.
  9. When in doubt about a discount healthcare program, check the company out with your local Better Business Bureau, State Insurance Department, or State Attorney General's office.
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