Discount Health Care Programs: Evolution and Prospects for Continued Growth

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The Consumer Health Alliance’s discount health care industry report and survey found that nearly 27 million Americans are members of a non-insurance discount dental or discount vision program.

To learn why so many consumers, providers and employers are using non-insurance discount health care programs in today’s health care marketplace, download the full report – “Discount Health Care Programs: Evolution and Prospects for Continued Growth.”

This complimentary report includes:
• Demographics of discount dental and discount vision program members.
• A brief history of these non-insurance programs and how they work.
• How consumers access discount programs and benefits to all parties involved.
• Key differences between discount programs and insurance policies.

In addition, this report features data from a consumer and provider survey, titled the 2016 Discount Health Care Programs Survey, which focuses on discount dental plans, discount vision plans, dental insurance and vision insurance. The first-of-its-kind national survey was commissioned by the Consumer Health Alliance, and conducted by health care research and consulting firm Leavitt Partners.

Free Download